Name : His Holiness Mahant Baba Ram Singh Ji Maharaj

 Birth : October 17 , 1950

 Birth Place:  Delhi 

 Father : Sh. Aroor Chand Ji Uppal

 Mother : Smt. Vimla Devi Ji

 Brief Life-Sketch  : Inclination to have divine glimpses of great saints & serve them at Chotti & Bari (Nirmal) Kutias from the very childhood.

Served  in Punjab & Sind Bank (Barnala Branch) from 1974 to 1981.

Graced as saint & appointed successor to Mahant Narain Singh Ji by Gurudev Sant Nikka Singh Ji Maharaj 'Virakat’  at Nirmal Bagh , Kankhal (Haridwar) in 1981

Mahant Narain Singh Ji left for  heavenly abode on 25th October, 1982.

Honoured with the traditional ‘ Coronation of Mahanti’ ceremony of Nirmal Ashram, Rishikesh by Nirmal Bheikh  & ‘Virakt’ Maharaj Ji on 10th November,1982- the 17th day of prayers.

Blissfully  accomplished a ‘Mahaan Yagya’  & 251 Sri Akhand Paths of Guru Granth Sahib Ji on the auspicious occasion of Deepawali at karnal in 1993.

Established humanitarian Service-Centres/ Projects : Nirmal Hospital, 1990 (NAH) ,Nirmal School , 1997(NDS),Nirmal Academy, 2004 ( NGA),  Eye Hospital, 2005 (NEI),  Hari Kirpa Silai Kendra, 2005.

Gracefully carried out Centenary Function Celebration of Nirmal Ashram, Rishikesh on the occasion of Barsi Samagam in 2003.

Dedication of  all the humanitarian service Centres of Karnal, being run by Sant Amrik Dev Ji, to your lotus feet on  July 18, 2008.

Undertakes spiritual tours of India & abroad about three to four times  a year.



 Name : Srimaan Sant Baba Jodh Singh Ji Maharaj

Birth  : August 14 ,1948

 Birth Place  : Village Sihan Daud (Ludhiana)

 Father  : Sardar Lachhman Singh Ji

 Mother  : Smt. Gyan Kaur Ji

Brief Life -Sketch  :  Initiated and blessed with ‘Naam daan’ by Srimaan Sant Gopal Singh Ji at an early age.

Graduated from Govt. College, Malerkotla in 1968.

Took up farming in 1969-70.

Got a Diploma of Co-operative Department in 1971-72, and resumed farming in 1974.

Received ‘Amrit paan’ in March 1975.

Served in Punjab & Sind Bank, (Delhi) from  December 1976 to March 1983.

Graced with the title of Saint  by Sant  Baba Nikka Singh Ji Maharaj 'Virakt' on April 13,1983, & directed to serve at Rishikesh along with Mahant Ji.

Shoulders responsibilities to a great extent during Maharaj ji’s spiritual tours.

Deeply interested in literature & publication of the ‘Parvachan’ of great spiritual souls.

Efficiently lays out plans for new buildings and gets them constructed.

Devotedly manages and supervises all the branches of  Ashram and provides valuable guidance.

Skilfully manages Nirmal Hospital  (NAH) ,Nirmal School (NDS),Nirmal Academy( NGA),  Eye Hospital (NEI)   & all the institutes  of Karnal.


 Name : Sant Nirbhinder Singh Ji Sarpanch

He was born of a pious family at village Bishanpura (Lopey), district Patiala, on  March 30,1946. He was united to the wedlock in 1966. He was highly influenced by  the ‘Illahi Kirtan’ and sermons of Bhai Ranbhir Singh Ji of Narangwal. Around 20, he  was fortunate enough to get the divine proximity to Pujya Sant Baba Nikka Singh Ji  Maharaj &  by his Guru’s grace, he founded Gurdwara Sahib & Nirmal Kutiya on his  own agricultural land. He got the initial spiritual education of Gurbani from BhaiBhagwan Singh ji  ‘Malhewal (a village in Punjab) wale.’ At his Guru’s bidding , he recited Gurbani whole heartedly to the   beloved congregation of Asarpur. He also stayed at Nirmal Ashram, Rishikesh for sometime and kept on doing selfless service. In the year 1994, he took  over the ‘sewa’ of  managing  Nirmal Sant Niwas, Mumbai  and side by side carried on the service of writing ‘Ashcharj Vastu’ Pothi. On being pleased with his untiring services of about five years, Pujya Mahant Baba Ram Singh Ji Maharaj graced him as saint & freed him from all worldly bonds, and entrusted him with the management of Nirmal Kutiya, Karnal. He has been performing his duties effectively since then.


 Nmae : Sant Amrik Dev Ji

He was born at village Kile,  district Shekhupura (now in Pakistan), on October  20,1934. After the partition of the country, the whole  family settled at karnal. He had  to struggle a lot to earn his livelihood at an early age. Under the inspiration of Sant  Bhagat Singh ji, his father, Sh. Labha Mal Ji & Mata Kartar Kaur Ji attained the holy  company of  Sant Baba Nikka Singh Ji Maharaj.  Because of the blessings of great  spiritual souls, he soon flourished into a big industralist. Observing his untiring Guru   Sewa , helping attitude to the poor and needy,  and kind nature, ‘Virakt’ Maharaj jionce uttered the words  ‘Clad in white clothes, this Amrik is a saint indeed.’ Those words have proved true today. After the passing away of ‘Virakt’ Maharaj ji, Amrik Devji set up three (totally free) schools, an old-age home & a private ITI in the sacred memory of his Gurudev.. While doing social service work, when his mental state got detached and relinquished all worldly desires, he assumed the garb of a saint. In saffron robes, he kept on rendering humanitarian services for several years. But when his state of renunciation paced up, he dedicated  all of his  service centers to the  lotus feet of Pujya Baba Ram Singh Ji Maharaj, and  as per his decree and the direction of Srimaan Sant Baba Jodh Singh Ji, he has been rendering his selfless services to all these service centres effectively till date.



 Name : Sant Kanwalinder Singh Ji

He was born at village Bansa, district Karnal, on 25th Kartika,1949. Having got  schooling upto Class XII , he took up farming. On the occasion of his pilgrimage to  Sri. Hemkunt Sahib, he happened to stay at Nirmal Ashram, Rishikesh &  had a  divine glimpse of Pujya Mahant Baba Ram Singh Ji Maharaj for the first time and  was spell bound. Afterwards, during Maharaj ji’s spiritual tour to Punjab, he went to  different places like Patiala, Dhanaula, etc., to seek his blessings. Once under the  dynamic headship of Satguru, he along with the congregation from Goraya moved toAmritsar temple for a blissful sight and a  holy dip. Thus, slowly and gradually his spiritual attachment for His Holiness continued mounting, as a result of which he dedicated his own private  23 acre agricultural land, located at Jundla,district Karnal,to the lotus feet of Pujya Mahantji. In the year 1992,he was blessed with ‘Naam–daan’ on the occasion of ‘Barsi Samagam’ in Rishikesh. Observing his renounced state of mind,  Pujya Maharaj ji graced him as saint on August 8,1997. As per Guru’s direction, ever since 1997, he along with Sarpanch Ji has been rendering his selfless services at Nirmal Kutiya,Karnal.Param Pujya Gurudev acknowledged his selfless services by laying the foundation stone for Nirmal Kutiya on his dedicated land on November 8, 2009.


 Name : Sant Bharat Singh Ji

 He was Born at village Bibiarpur, district Gonda (U.P). His father, Sh. Devki Nandan, &  mother, Smt. Rajpati Devi, belonged to a  Brahmin family. At 'Virakt' Maharaj ji's  bidding, he went to Sangat Gyan Gufa, Kashi in 1980 & acquired the learning of  Sanskrit & other ' Shastras'(Vedanatacharya). He has been managing the services of  Nirmal Bagh, Kankhal (Haridwar) & Sangat Gyan Gufa, Benaras with  fullresponsibility and devotion since October 1996.


 Name : Baba Gurcharan Singh Ji 


He  was  born  at   village  Bishanpura,  district Nabha  (Punjab),  on 25th April, 1935.  His mother Smt.  Jay Kaur and Father Sh. Kapoor Singh  nurtured  him with religious  ‘Sanskaras’.  He dedicated  himself to  Param  Pujya  Mahant  Baba Ram  Singh Ji  Maharaj about 20 years  ago and,  as ordained  by him,  has been managing  the   selfless  services of Sihan  Daud Kutiya devotedly from every angle.