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 Sant Nikka Singh Private Industrial Training Institute


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Nirmal Dham,Model Town , Karnal


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0184-2265580 , 2266904


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[email protected]





Approach/How to Reach

From G.T Road,Nirmal Kutia Stoppage ,turn towards Civil Hospital  Chowk and then proceed to Nirmal Dham (Model Town) Where the institute is located.






How  to Reach



It is About 200 mt from Civil Hospital



Computer Operator  & Programming Assistant (under NCVT Scheme)

                                                               Absolutely Free

An Introduction

By the divine grace of revered Satguru Sant Nikka Singh Ji Maharaj ‘Virakat’ and under the dynamic and inspiring patronage of His Holiness Mahant Baba Ram Singh Ji Maharaj, SNS Private ITI, the sisterly concerned institute of SNS Institute of Vocational Training, was established on October 17, 2004 under Govt. Polytechnic Nilokheri. But to cater to the essential demands of the people belonging to the economically weaker sections of society; this distinguished institution got itself affiliated to SCVT Scheme in August 2010. At present, it is working under NCVT (National Council of Vocational Training) Scheme.


Duration: one year

For the attainment of better insight into the nature and theory of programming, the main responsibility of the Computer Operator & Programming Assistant is to provide support, motivation and leadership to his/her community. Apart from this, his responsibility is  to develop higher order, thinking and problem solving skills.

On the basis of his professional skills, a Computer Operator and Programming Assistant can find better employment opportunities in one form or the other in software and hardware firms, computer institutes or schools, industries, offices, etc Besides, he can acquire self-employment by setting up  a Computer Institute, Cyber café & DTP centre, Computer Consummate shop or by taking up data processing jobs.

Prominent Features

—  Beautiful campus with clean environment.

—  Airy & spacious rooms.

—  Well-equipped computer practical AC lab & library

—  Availability of internet, projector & generator facilities

—  Installation of highly configured i7 & Dual Core Computers.

—  Emphasis on software practical skills so that the students may get good jobs after the completion of their course

—  Facility of On-line & Off-line staff.

—  Teaching techniques based on theories of ‘cognition’.

—  Free uniforms to the poor & needy girls

—  Brilliant results

—  Highly qualified & committed staff with rich experience in the field of teaching/training

—  Absolutely free. Even exam fee paid by the Trust Society


Sant Nikka Singh Private Industrial Training Institute

Embroidery & Needlework (under SCVT Scheme)

Completely Free

Duration: 1Year

Embroidery is the art of ornamenting the fabric or other materials with needlework.

In this age of fashion and designing where people belonging to all sections of society are very much conscious of their dresses, embroidery & needlework has its tremendous importance from employment angle. On the successful completion of their course, the candidates can become self-reliant by running their own centres even at their homes. They can also establish small scale industries in groups or work in factories and export houses.

Distinguished Features

—  Primary focus on the knowledge of basic  stitching, manual embroidery, machine embroidery, counting  stitching and some machines like Wonder Machine & Treadle Machine, etc.

—  Provision of proper awareness about equipments & instruments used  for embroidery & needle work.

—  Enriched infrastructure for workshops for embroidery & needlework.

—  Free embroidery and needlework material along with books to all the concerned trainees.

—  During training, due stress laid on the handicraft of embroidery & needle work related to frocks of children, suits of ladies and all household decorative materials, etc.

—  Proper emphasis also laid on the art of finishing, pressing and packing on the completion of embroidery and needlework.

—  Appropriate arrangement for imparting training for occupation safety, computer communication skill, etc.

—  Individual attention to trainees with compassion.

—  Commendable results.

—  Qualified, experienced, affectionate and hardworking staff.


Sant Nikka Singh Private Industrial Training Institute

Cutting & Sewing (under SCVT Scheme)

Entirely  Free

Duration: 1Year

The term cutting & sewing signifies a garment that has been produced from raw fabric rather than one which has already been purchased from a company and then changed through alterations, embellishments or screen painting.

Regarding its scope of employment, this course has wider prospects. The successful candidates can not only run their boutiques, stitching centers but also small scale industries collectively. Besides, they can work in factories or export houses as designers, pattern makers, head cutters, lay outers, stitching masters, etc.

Outstanding Features

—  Main focus on the knowledge of running industrial machinery, i.e., Over Locking Machine twin                         needle, Treadle Machine Lock Stitch, Bar-tack Machine, Buttonhole Machine, Fashion Maker Machine, Round Cutter, Straight Knife Cutter.

—  Due stress laid on the knowledge of equipments & tools used for cutting and sewing trade.

—  Suitable attention paid to drafting, cutting and stitching of clothes for children, men & women.

—  Well-equipped workshops for cutting & sewing.

—  Free sewing and cutting material along with books to all the concerned trainees.

—  Free sewing machines to the poor and needy trainees on the completion of their course so that they may earn their livelihood.

—  Due emphasis also laid on the basic knowledge of computer, communication skill, occupation safety and health, etc.

—  Excellent results.

—  Qualified, experienced & committed Staff.

Vocational Institutes

100% Free 

An Introduction

Apart from three SNS Public Schools, which are imparting absolutely free education to as many as 3600 students coming from financially weaker sections of society, there are two Vocational institutes, viz, SNS Institute of Vocational Training & SNS Private ITI, which are also providing entirely free vocational training to 160 (allotted seats) poor & needy girls in order to make them self reliant. Both these prestigious institutions are situated in Nirmal Dham. SNS IVT is giving professional training for DMLT Paramedical course under PTU Learning Centre;  whereas SNS Private ITI is rendering a yeoman service in different Trades such as COPA (under NCVT Scheme), Cutting & Sewing, Embroidery & Needle work (under SCVT scheme).

Salient Features

· Pollution free atmosphere

· Ventilated commodious rooms.

· Well-equipped Computer and Pathology labs.

· Workshops with enriched infrastructure for  Trades like cutting and sewing, embroidery and needle work.

· Well-stocked library having reference books, magazines & journals.

· Main focus on academic growth and cultivation of moral and spiritual values.

· Due stress laid on Co-curricular activities.

· Proper arrangement of generator facility

· Free sewing machines and accessories to the poor & needy  trainees on the completion of their course so that they may earn their livelihood.

· Extra care for weak students/trainees.

· 100% free. Even exam fees borne by the Trust Society.

· Brilliant results.

· Highly qualified, well-experienced and laborious staff.

Sant Nikka Singh Institute of Vocational Training

Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (Under PTU Learning Centre-Code No. 2440) Totally Free

An Introduction

It goes without saying that the major yardstick of good education is to link knowledge with ‘Karma’. It can be feasible only provided education is made job-oriented. In order to make students self-reliant, skill in professional and technical education is the need of the hour. But there can be no denial of the fact that monetary paucity deprives students of this object and compels them to roll in constant poverty. Taking into consideration the exploited, down trodden and under privileged candidates who cannot have an access to the job-oriented courses, this unique vocational training centre for girls has been rendering its  free yeoman services in the course mentioned below since October 17,2004.


Duration: 1Year

In this prestigious institution, DMLT, a Paramedical Course of one year duration under PTU (Punjab Technical University) Learning centre is being run effectively with all facilities to the trainees.

Medical Laboratory Technology (also called Clinical Laboratory Science) relates to the diagnosis of a disease through the use of clinical laboratory tests. These tests belonging to different types of samples from patients- blood, urine, CSF, cytology or tissue pathology, etc provide aid to doctors to detect, diagnose and treat diseases.

From the job point of view, DMLT provides  its successful candidates with numerous employment opportunities in Government/private hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, industries, laboratories, etc., throughout the country.

Prominent Features

—  Pollution free atmosphere

—  Ventilated commodious rooms.

—  Well-equipped  Pathology lab.

—  Due emphasis on theoretical knowledge & practical training through equipments & instruments for quality controlled results.

—  Well  stocked library having reference books, magazines & journals.

—  Main focus on academic excellence and cultivation of moral and spiritual values.

—  Suitable stress laid on Co-curricular activities.

—  Proper arrangement of generator facility

—  Extra care for weak trainees.

—  Highly qualified, well-experienced and dedicated staff.

—  Free uniforms to the needy girls

—  Totally free. Even exam fee paid by the Trust Society