1. History of the Institute, its Logo

This institute was started in the year2004 “Kalpana Chawla Academy of Technology & Science”, during the period from 2004 to 2007. The courses run were as.

 Computer Science.

  1. Cutting & Sewing.
  2. Electronics
  3.  Draught man ship

Firstly in 2005, the institute was affiliated to Community Polytechnics Scheme run by Govt. of India Ministry of Human Recourses Development  

In 2008 , This institute was taken  over by trust “ Sant Nikka Singh Public Trust Society”,

Where in the trainees were given training in the trades of:

 Computer Hardware & Software.

  1. Cutting and Sewing.
  2. Embroidery & Needle Work.

In the year 2009, the Institution applied for affiliation from the Industrial Training Dept. Govt. of

Haryana .The Deptt. Has granted affiliation under SCVT Scheme to the institute which was renamed as “Sant Nikka Singh Private Industrial Training Institute” Nirmal Dham , Model Town , Karnal in 2009.

 From August 2010, the institute has started imparting in Trades viz :

           1 COPA

          2 Cutting & Sewing Work

          3 Embroidery & Needle Work

In 2011, the institute has sought an affiliation under the scheme NCVT through DGET for COPA Trade.